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Monday, 23 October 2017

Banoffee Cheesecake

Okay so this idea came about when flicking through Jamie Olivers new simple ingredients cookbook and came across a semi frozen cheesecake using 5 simple ingredients. Excited to try it i thought why not do it with a twist and make it vegan, gluten free and free from refined sugar. 

I had so many messages last night asking for the recipe for this, my inbox was literally going crazy! So i decided to write it up on here for easy reference for everyone. I should really do this for quite a few recipes i have posted on my page. Absolutely love sharing pictures and creating recipes for you guys, just sometimes have no idea what to write on a blog post.

So onto what your going to need for this. Just to letting you guys know jambs recipe was twice this size so if you want to make it bigger (serving 10) just double the recipe here and use a 20cm tin. 

Ripe bananas 
Raw chocolate (or any dark chocolate will do)
Soaked Cashews 

Thats literally all you need to make this cake, how amazing is that? ok so I'm going to split this up into 2 sections first the base heres what your going to need.

100g of gluten free oats 
1/2 tbs olive oil 
1/4 cup dates 
1tbs heaped chocolate melted 

Pulse ingredients in a food processor until a semi sticky dough forms, press in it into a lined spring tin (around 12cm) put to one side. 

Now onto the cheesecake filling, take your cashews that should soak over night in water or if you want to make this tonight just place them in boiling water for around a hour (in a pan works well to keep the water hot) 

4 Ripe bananas 
150g cashews 
1/3 cup dates 

Place everything back into the same processor and blend until smooth, place on top of the base and place it in the freezer to freeze over night. when your ready to eat it take it out the freezer and leave to thaw out (i left mine out for 1 hour in the fridge) Top with chocolate shavings and in my case rose petals completely optional. Serve and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this twist on an already amazing recipe by Mr Oliver. If you do decide to make this one, take a snap and upload it on Instagram and tag me in the picture. I love sharing your recreations! :) 


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