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Friday, 10 November 2017

Banoffee Chia Pudding

So this is my twist on the classic dessert. Ive used some trek toffee protein bites for this but i do have a toffee bliss ball recipe in the works as well if you can't get your hands on them. Quite enjoyed this twist on the classic desserts. Who knows this may well become a mini series on here. Lets dive straight into the recipe,  those who have followed me for a while know I'm not one for chit chat at the start of a recipe.

All i want to say is this is really easy and makes a great snack or a little indulgence for breakfast on the go.

serves 2-3

1/4 cup chia seeds
1 cup of plant milk
2-3 tbs vanilla or plain yogurt
1/2tsp vanilla

1/4 cup dates (soaked in hot water for a few hours)
1tbs cashew butter
1-2 tbs water

trek toffee trimpuh protein bites rolled into balls

1 ripe banana chopped

flaked chocolate

Soak your chia seeds in the milk for a few hours until a thick mixture forms. Then add in the yogurt and vanilla return to the fridge. To make the caramel add ingredients to blender and add a little water if you need it to get going. Roll bites into balls. Now lets assemble, layer up with some banana in the bottom and side of the glass. Then some chia pudding, next up some of the caramel, add in the bliss balls and top with a little flaked chocolate. Serve and enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, if you decide to make it make sure to tag me over on instagram love seeing your recreations and posting them. Until next time, Helen xx


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