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Monday, 28 January 2019

Lemon No Honey Tofu

Hi everyone, just dropping by with another recipe, this one is delicious and is another fake out favourite. Sweet lemony and a little salty. Lets dive into what your going to need. I found a nice quality lemon makes all the difference for this dish as you will get more sweetness out of it than you realise, however if you can only get your hands on a standard one, taste the sauce and be sure to adjust to taste. 

1 packet of firm tofu 
2tsp cornflour
1tsp neutral oil
1 lemon juice and zest 
2tbs soy sauce 
1tbs maple syrup/agave syrup 
1/2cup veggie stock 
2 cloves of garlic minced  
2tsp cornflour mixed with water 

to serve (optional)
one head of broccoli steamed tender 
zest of lemon
spring onions 
wedge of lemon 

Cut tofu into cubes and coat in 2tsp of cornflour heat a pan over a medium heat and add the oil you want it nice and hot to get some colour on the tofu. Fry over medium until colour forms then flip over onto other side and repeat until tofu is cooked. Place on some kitchen roll and move onto the sauce, place all ingredients aside from the cornflour mixture into the same pan and bring sauce to medium heat until sauce bubbles, add in cornflour mixture and reduce heat to low and leave thicken, you don't want this sauce too thick i think its nicer a little thinner. Place tofu back in pan and coat in sauce. Serve with options from above or whatever else you like. 

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, if do decide to make this be sure to tag me over on social media i love looking at your recreations! Until next time, Helen xx 


Saturday, 26 January 2019

General Tso Tofu

This sauce is one of my favourites it has a nice little spicy kick to it and is amazing over tofu, chickpeas or cauliflower (or whatever you like really) Lets dive straight into what your going to need for this really simple straight forward recipe. 

1 packet of extra firm tofu 
1/4cup pineapple juice 
4tbs apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup light soy 
3tbs maple syrup or any sweetener
thumb size piece of ginger grated
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2tsp garlic and onion powder 
2tsp cornflower mixed with a little water to form slurry 

Start by prepping the tofu, chop into blocks and you can either fry this over low/medium heat until puffed up or bake in the oven with a little spray of oil and sprinkle of cornflour for 20 minutes and 180degrees until puffed and golden. Once tofu is ready place all sauce ingredients (aside from cornflour mixture) in pan and heat over medium heat until hot and bubbling. Stir in cornflour mixture and turn heat down low until sauce in nice and thick. Serve with rice and enjoy. 

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, keep tagging me in pictures! i love reposting your recreations! until next time, Helen xx 


Monday, 21 January 2019

Salt and Pepper Tofu

Lets dive straight into what your going to need for this, the key to get the texture with this is to firstly get the maximum water out of the tofu thats going to help the tofu go nice and crispy on the outside. Secondly is to be patient with it in the pan. 

What you will need;
1 block of extra firm tofu, pressed maximum water taken out 
3tbs cornflour 
1/2tsp black fresh ground pepper 
1/2tsp ground sea salt 
1/4tsp Chinese 5 spice 
2tbs oil (neutral flavour such as grape seed)


Mix salt, pepper and 5 spice together, take tofu and chop into equal cubes. Place in a bowl and sprinkle over 1/2tsp of the salt and pepper mixture. Coat the tofu with this. Then add the remaining salt and pepper mixture to the cornflour and coat the tofu in that. Heat oil over medium heat, wait till it gets hot, place tofu in and cook/fry for 15minutes until brown. If you want a red pepper to serve, take out tofu and place on some kitchen roll to absorb any excess fat then fry pepper in pan for a few minutes, i like it crunchy. 

This tastes exactly like the take out version, friends have said this tastes even better than the classic take out version. Definitely a weekend treat. 

I hope you enjoyed this, be sure to tag me if you tried making this i love reposting your photos!

Until next time, Helen xx 


Thursday, 17 January 2019

Orange Tofu

Orange tofu another one in the series that was going in the ebook. Very delicious and works well over the cauliflower as well. Lets dive straight into what your going to need. 

What you need; 
1 small packet of extra firm tofu 
1tbs cornflour 
1tsp oil of choice

1/2 cup orange juice 
1tbs maple syrup 
2tbs apple cider vinegar 
1tbs soy sauce 
1 clove of garlic 
small piece of ginger (about the same size as garlic clove)
1tsp heaped cornflour mixed with water 

Place tofu in a bowl chopped into bitesize pieces, add in 1tbs cornflour and coat the tofu. Drizzle over oil and coat again. Place in preheated oven at 180degrees celsius for 20/30 minutes until puffed and golden. Place sauce ingredients in a pan (excluding cornflour mixture) and bring to hot temperature then add in cornflour mixture and bring temperature down until thickened. Coat tofu in sauce and serve. 

I hope you enjoyed this recipe. Make sure you tag me over on instagram if you do decide to make this, until next time, Helen xx 


Friday, 11 January 2019

Sweet And Sour Tofu

I know I've got a sweet and sour cauliflower recipe on here but this sweet and sour tofu is a bit less sauce-heavy and if you ask me packs just as much of a punch. 

Lets dive straight into what your going to need for this, this one another one for the ebook, still plenty more to come! 

You can easily double this recipe if its not enough

What you need; 

1/4 cup pineapple juice  
1/4 cup chopped pineapple 
1tbs apple cider vinegar 
2tsp agave syrup 
2tsp tomato puree 
1/2 tsp cornflour mixed with 1tbs water 

1 small pack of firm tofu 
1/4 cup red pepper chopped
1tsp cornflour 
a little oil to fry 


Coat tofu in corn flour and fry in a little oil for 15 minutes over medium heat until puffed and golden.Add in the pepper in the last 5 minutes. Mix all sauce ingredients in a bowl minus the cornflour mixture add to the pan bring the temperature up and add in the cornflour mixture then turn the heat down low and let it thicken. Serve over rice or whatever you like. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe, i have been really enjoying sharing these recipes and will be back next week with more! Until next time, Helen xx 

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Smokey Beans

With Veganuary in full swing i thought it might be helpful to have some of absolute favourite recipes up on here. This is a firm favourite in my house you can have it on virtually anything and it tastes good. Toast, jacket potatoes anything and its easy to whip up when you need something quick getting in from work. Add a few tsp chilli for a nice smokey chilli as well to serve with rice, you don't have to of course its good on its own. 

What you need; 
1 onion diced fine 
1tsp oil 
1/2tsp garlic powder 
1tbs smoked paprika 
1 tin of black beans/ any other beans 
1 tin of chopped tomatoes 
1tsp liquid smoke 
Good pinch of sea salt 

Cook onion down in oil until translucent. Add in other ingredients and cook down over medium heat until thick and delicious. Serve with whatever you enjoy. 

Oil free air fryer potatoes;
Chop 4 small Maris piper potatoes into shape, place in air fryer, make sure to evenly distribute them across the fryer. Cook on 200 for 10 minutes until they start to colour then turn the heat down to 180 and cook a further 15 minutes. Crispy potatoes without the oil. 

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, make sure to keep tagging me over on instagram, i love your recreations! Until next time, Helen xx 


Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Sesame Cauliflower

Ok i could not upload these recipes and miss this one out, the recipe is over on my instagram page, but i wanted to pop it on here for easier access and so its here to stay. This recipe anticipation was something that was insanely popular over on my page so its only right its one of things that goes up here. Ive already had some amazing feedback on this! Lets dive straight into what your going to need. 

what you need; 
1 small cauliflower 
1/3 cup flour (can be gf)
1/3 cup water 
pinch salt and pepper 
pinch of garlic and onion powder 

Mix and coat batter over cauliflower place in oven at 180c and spray with a little oil. Cook for 40 minutes or until golden.


1 clove of garlic finely chopped or grated 
same size piece of ginger grated 
2tbs brown sugar or maple syrup 
1tbs rice wine vinegar 
1tsp toasted sesame oil 
1/2 cup veggie stock

Mix everything together in a pan and bring to a high heat bubble. Add in 1tsp cornflour mixed with 1tbs water put into the sauce turn the heat down to low until it reaches desired thickness. Take out cauliflower from oven and coat in sauce. 

I hope you enjoyed this recipe i look forward to looking at your recreations, until next time, Helen xx 

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

No Honey Garlic Cauliflower

Ok guys so i took a big break over Christmas and new year and had a good amount of time to think about where i want my page to go. The whole reason i started sharing my creations over on instagram was just that to simply share them it was fun and i enjoyed it, any work with brands I've received in the time I've been on there has just been a very happy bonus. 

So that got me thinking about why i enjoy sharing them, and its to see other peoples enjoyment. Thats what cooking has always been about for me seeing other people enjoy things that I've made them. Pleasure in other peoples happiness, which in the world we live in now, we all need to be a little more happy. 

So in a nut shell i thought instead of brining out a ebook i would upload all these recipes over on the blog, as it needs a little loving lately and it means everyone can access them. So as i finalise these recipes i will upload on here for you all to see and try out. 

I hope you enjoy them all, i absolutely love looking and reposing your recreations over on instagram. Last year was a very tough year for me and sometimes seeing sweet messages from you all trying out my recipes would make my day and bring a little joy. 

This first one is a great one, and the cauliflower is great in any sauce, a must try for those who don't like cauliflower in my book, anyways lets not have too much talk and dive into what we are going to need for this. This must be the longest post I've done in a while. 

4 Tbs agave (or maple if you prefer or honey if none vegan)
2 tbs of soy sauce 
1/4 onion powder 
2 cloves of fresh garlic grated
1/2 cup veggie stock 
1tsp cornflour mixed with 1tbs water 

1 small head of cauliflower 
1/4 cup flour 
1/2 cup breadcrumbs 
1/4tsp garlic and onion powder 
pinch of salt and pepper 
1/4 cup water 


Mix water and flour together with onion and garlic powder, season with salt and pepper. Coat cauliflower in mixture and then into breadcrumbs spray with a little oil. Place in oven at 180 degrees celsius for around 30 minutes until cooked and golden. Once ready place all sauce ingredients apart from the cornflour mixture into a pan and bring to a high heat, then add in the cornflour mixture and stir until thickened. Coat cauliflower in sauce and enjoy. 

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, and if you do decide to make it be sure to photograph it and tag me over on instagram. Happy cooking guys! 

Until next time, Helen xx

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