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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Smokey Beans

With Veganuary in full swing i thought it might be helpful to have some of absolute favourite recipes up on here. This is a firm favourite in my house you can have it on virtually anything and it tastes good. Toast, jacket potatoes anything and its easy to whip up when you need something quick getting in from work. Add a few tsp chilli for a nice smokey chilli as well to serve with rice, you don't have to of course its good on its own. 

What you need; 
1 onion diced fine 
1tsp oil 
1/2tsp garlic powder 
1tbs smoked paprika 
1 tin of black beans/ any other beans 
1 tin of chopped tomatoes 
1tsp liquid smoke 
Good pinch of sea salt 

Cook onion down in oil until translucent. Add in other ingredients and cook down over medium heat until thick and delicious. Serve with whatever you enjoy. 

Oil free air fryer potatoes;
Chop 4 small Maris piper potatoes into shape, place in air fryer, make sure to evenly distribute them across the fryer. Cook on 200 for 10 minutes until they start to colour then turn the heat down to 180 and cook a further 15 minutes. Crispy potatoes without the oil. 

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, make sure to keep tagging me over on instagram, i love your recreations! Until next time, Helen xx 



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