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Hello, Im helen! The recipe developer and photographer and all around sweet toothed girl behind theplantifulchef

When i sat down to write an about me page i didn't honestly know what to put, i thought i might start by telling you why i started my Instagram page which led to this website...

In my early 20s i developed Crohn's disease while studying in my last year at university. Fast forward many years lots of tests and hospital dates and LOTS of different medication i felt that i was no further forward with things. One night while being up late with another "do" i decided to go on google and search for anything none medication related that might help me. 

I found lots of different people claiming that eliminating different things from their diet had big improvements, now at this stage i had only tried being gluten free and avoiding Chinese food. But at the time being gluten free was not the big market it is today. Having taken my chefs training at college before heading to university i thought eliminating certain things would not be too difficult and decided to start a food journal. At the same time i joined Instagram and started posting recipes of things i had tried out. 

Now having eliminating a few things out of my diet and going plant based this past year has greatly improved my symptoms. It has made me look at my health very differently and now everything i do is help me stay in the best possible health.

In the end this blog is a space for me to share my passion, love of food and hopefully inspire anyone who is willing to listen to my rambles. And if they are going through a similar situation of their own to know that they are not the only one in the world, invisible illness can be a very lonely time. 

Disclaimer; this is my own personal blog with my own photos, if you would like to use any of them please get in touch and I'm sure we can sort something out. Please do not just take my images and use them as your own 


  1. Diagnosed with Crones this week , what food should I eat in these early days , to satisfy my very delicate, hungry tummy.

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